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5 apps I love

I've always been a sucker for a new technology and I think the smart phone just might be the invention that has changed my life the most. Most of you who read this are busy moms yourselves, and may already be aware of some (or all of these apps) but...

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Our Mission

Shamrock Soaps has started a quiet revolution. One where we are not in competition with each other to see who can get more done in a day. One where taking a moment to recharge and relax is understood as positive and useful, rather than a guilty pleasure. One where we take care of ourselves, and also each other.

That’s why Shamrock Soaps only purchases ingredients and packaging from suppliers that are socially responsible. Our suppliers are other small businesses (in the US and Ireland). So, your dollars directly support families. And that’s why we give a portion of our proceeds back to the community that supports us. So, your dollars support causes you care about.

Shamrock Soaps bath and body care products are inspired by moments of joy and calm in our lives. A perfect bowl of oatmeal at a leisurely breakfast, a day at the beach, an evening of Irish dance.

Will you join our quiet revolution? Find your moment of calm today.

Smell good. Do good. Feel good.